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Within Brewery Hoop there is two distinctive beer brands, Breugem and HOOP Beer. The brewery team operates under the leadership of highly experienced Canadian Pierre Yves Lavoie and Patrick Breugem. All the beers are brewed by them, as well as a number of colleagues within the brewing team. Meanwhile, there is a second branch of Brewery Hoop in the Hembrug area, in a completely restored ex-laboratory called Lab-44. This location (opened in May 2017) has a new 5 HL machine where smaller batches are made and tested with new flavours.

Finally, Brewery HOOP's sister company, simply called HOPE Brewery, is on the north side of Dublin. Old Zaankanter Wim de Jongh swings the sceptre over there. The design aesthetic and brewery equipment are the same, but production focuses on the needs of the Irish market. On the technical brewing area, the necessary exchange of information takes place.

You can find all our HOOP beers here (in Dutch, but nice to get an idea)