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The brewery opened in May 2016 with homemade beers from HOOP and Breugem. The brewery was the first in the Netherlands to have a brand new Caspary breeding plant of 20 hectolitres from Bavaria, Germany. In whole, it consists of 16 fermentation/ lager tank: 7 with a capacity of 6 hectolitres, 4 with 4 hectolitres and 4 with 2 hectolitres. The total capacity of the brewery produces approximately 850,000 litres a year. The installation has been completely customized with intricate pipelines and semi-automatic machines. In the adjacent building is the storage and drainage line, where a 50-meter-long pipeline has been placed. The beers are racked into bottles and kegs and then finished with the necessary label.


Green beer

One of the most significant concerns when constructing the brewery was the sustainability theme. Thus, there were more than 300 solar panels placed on the roof of the brewery and restaurant (and also on the office space across the road). Enough to provide you with an 'energy neutral beer' that tastes the same, but feels better!



The Brewery can be easily spotted from the restaurant through the glass windows, which makes a constant connection between the two. The brewery itself has been arranged so that the entire brewing process can be followed along by a specially constructed footbridge. Those who want to know more about the brewing process can participate in one of the tours and tastings that the brewery offers.

The brewing process is beautifully illustrated by a mural of Spek & Jerry's. Check out the 'making of' here and come and see it with your own eyes!